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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Some Stats on Nodaway County's Sheriffs

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Forty-six (46) men have served as sheriff of Nodaway County. Of those, one was interim-sheriff and deputy coroner George M. Atchison, Jr.(appointed by Coroner B.F. Byland) after the death of Sheriff Earl M. Anderson in 1958. Mr. Atchison was also Sheriff Anderson's son-in-law, having married Marilyn Anderson a few months earlier, in 1957. He had worked as a jailer part-time under Sheriff Anderson.

Coroner and local physician, Dr. Robert E. Dunshee served as interim-sheriff for twenty-five days in 1969, following the death of Sheriff Fred Newton on June 27, 1969.

John Middleton, deputy and nephew of Sheriff Fred Newton, served as deputy under Sheriff Dunshee until the special election 25 days later, on July 22, 1969, when Middleton was elected. He would serve as sheriff for that partial term, to end Dec 31, 1972. In the election of November 1972, however, he won reelection and would serve a full four-year term. On Aug 4, 1980 and continuing through November 4, 1980, John Middleton served as interim sheriff, after Sheriff Roger Cronk resigned. Danny Estes, who won the Nov election, then posted bond and took over the duties of the office.

Of the forty-six men who served, at least seven entered and completed their first term of office as an unmarried man. At least twenty have served in community, civic, and military organizations during their lives, including Masons, Knights Templar, I.O.O.F, V.F.W, American Legion, 40 & 8, WWI Barracks, Knights of Pythias, G.A.R., Elks, and Lions.

Among the political party affiliation, 16 were Democrats, 21 were Republicans, 1 was of the Greenback Party, 8 are unknown. One sheriff later changed his party affiliation from Republican to Populist when he sought a different office. Another served as a Republican sheriff and later sought another office as a Democrat. At least five served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and two served in the Confederate Army.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One of of Nodaway County's Unmarried Sheriffs

James M. Enis, a republican, was first elected to the office of sheriff of Nodaway County for 1901-1902, and again for 1903-1904.

Sheriff Enis was one of at least three unmarried men elected to the office. He married Margaret Graham of Clyde, Missouri in 1906. [Update: Some research today, Dec 7, indicates that one other sheriff was also unmarried, at least during his first term.]

During his terms of office, his father, Francis A. Enis, of Clyde, and one of his five sisters, Miss Belle Enis, resided at the jail with him and helped in the duties of caring for and feeding the prisoners.

After successfully completing his second term of office, Mr. Enis went into business, opening a general store and operating it successfully until his death, at the age of 49, from complications following surgery at St. Joseph hospital.

Sheriff Enis was related, by marriage to another Nodaway County sheriff, T.J. Parle. Sheriff Parle's wife and Sheriff Enis' wife were sisters.

Sheriff Enis would later be appointed at a steward for the State Hospital No. 2 at St. Joseph by Governor Hyde. He would, however, withdraw from the appointment, citing his duty to care for his mother-in-law, who was ninety years of age and who lived with him and his wife. He did not want to disrupt her "beautiful" home life.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Busy Season is Upon Us

The year has slipped quickly by and the busy holidays are already gearing up. Thanksgiving in November. Christmas in December. New Years in January. Add to that the current book in progress, for me, a book launch to organize, a jail model to build, and that all equals a lot of sleepless nights to get it all ready for the new year.

In order to finish on time, I am taking an eight-week break from scheduling and conducting interviews. The museums to which the finished interviews will eventually be donated will be closing for the long, cold weeks of winter ahead. I hope to have something to give them when they reopen in March.

In the meantime, I will try to incorporate some blog entries on sheriffs from the past. A list of those has been compiled for Nodaway County and is being checked and updated.

Thanks for checking in!